How RationalFX support manufacturers and businesses with cross-border payments

By RationalFX
schedule29th Jun 20

Established in 2005, RationalFX has handled over $10billion international payments in over 50 currencies across the globe. Since its creation as a money exchange business, the company has rapidly grown into one of the top Forex and international payments providers in Europe.

Diversification was key to our success. Our highly skilled team has been developing financial products to cater to various types of businesses and multiple industries. RationalFX can support one-off international trades to regular cross-border payments, such as settling invoices and managing payroll.

Our range of products also includes platform integrations – which allow businesses to add value to their offering without their customers needed to source a payment solution themselves.

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has emphasised the need for businesses to adopt a proactive approach to currency risk management. A well planned and executed currency risk strategy could mitigate the impact of currency market risk on your finances, by allowing your business to secure exchange rates now and in the future - saving you both time and money.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to protecting your business’ finances from currency market risk, so consider working with a foreign exchange specialist, such as RationalFX, to develop an FX currency strategy that is tailored to your business’ risks and requirements. As well as providing accurate insight into changing market conditions, we can help you deploy agile solutions that reduce risk and shield your international payments from unexpected fluctuations in exchange rates. 

Considering these unprecedented times, it has never been so important to focus on mitigating the risk posed by adverse exchange rate fluctuations. Take action to protect your business’ finances and speak to our currency specialist Jaspaul Bains online at the BBLive Exhibition or by email at [email protected].

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